Registered Dietition (HCPC) MSc Nutrition BSc Nutrition & Dietetics

Dietician helps you to choose the correct food for optimum weight loss and to control your diet

My focus is on providing practical lifestyle solutions that are simple and easy to follow.


I will tell you how to eat to get the results you want. I make eating right a simple, fun and rewarding journey.


I have the credibility and the education to translate nutrition science into practical tools and  strategies. My clients have often experienced information overload from the internet, and are now looking for custom tailored advice.


I will create bespoke recommendations for each client; help separate fact from fiction, and junk from science. And after my many years of experience, I know what works and what doesn’t.

Many of my clients have unsuccessfully tried dieting before they see me, however good nutrition goes beyond what many popular diets offer. I believe in helping you develop skills for healthy eating  and coaching you to understand what might be driving eating habits that are less than healthy. This approach sets me apart from other ‘weight loss clinics’.


Learning to apply a ‘mind, mouth, moment’ mantra and consider what drives your eating habits (healthy or otherwise) will give you the tools you need to successfully make long-term changes to your lifestyle.

Anna explains how to maintain your fitness and health and lose weight